About Us

   Maplemoon is a small kennel owned by Marian Hiemstra. Marian is a retired Licensed Veterinary Technician that brings a lifetime of animal care and experience to her “babies.” 

   Focus has been on providing calm, healthy, intelligent canine companions. The puppies available now, are sixth generation of the breeding program.  The older dogs are pets. They spend their time playing, swimming, and enjoying life on Maplemoon’s rural property in the Catskill mountains.
   All of our dogs have received hip, elbow, & cardiac clearances through OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America). They are also examined annually by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist to obtain OFA eye clearance.(Formally CERF)
   Pups are individually monitored to insure optimal growth, without over burdening young joints and skeletal systems.

   Each prospective puppy buyer is given individual time and attention. They are provided with all the information needed to establish a loving bond that will last for years.
   Every Maplemoon puppy leaves us with an Informational Packet which includes;
  • AKC Registration (Limited, Non Breeding)
  • Veterinary Health Certificate
  • Complete Health Record
  • Schedule for Additional Veterinary Preventative Care
  • AKC Microchip
  • AKC Companion Animal Recovery Registration Form
  • Health Clearances on Sire & Dam
  • Certified Four Generation Pedigree of Sire & Dam
   We are always available to answer any nutritional, behavioral, and/or veterinary questions that may arise. You are encouraged to stay in touch prior to, and more importantly, after you bring your puppy home. Having a well adjusted, healthy member of the family is a combination of many factors.
* Our Mission is to Raise Top Quality Golden Retriever Puppies 
to Form Loving and Mutually Beneficial Human Bonds *


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Marian Hiemstra
   203 Left Pines Brook Rd.
   Walton, NY 13856
     (516) 567-0622