“Our Maplemoon puppy turned two this past September. We have had Goldens for almost forty years. He is one of the calmest, most affable dog that we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is incredibly versatile and is such a fast learner. He is a certified therapy dog, and just started doing some Rally and Agility work. He excels at everything that he does. His willing and gentle personality has made him exceptionally easy to train. We can take him anywhere! He always receives compliments wherever he goes. Several of our friends have since gotten puppies from Maplemoon Kennels after meeting our “Keeper”. My husband says that if we had a quarter for every time I mentioned how much I love this dog, we would be incredibly wealthy. If you are looking for a well bred affectionate and loyal companion, Maplemoon Kennels can find just the right match for you. Also, Marian and Ron are a pleasure to deal with. They love their dogs and maintain an immaculate and well run kennel. I hope to always have a Maplemoon Golden in my life and in my heart. ”  Nancy F

Dear Marian & Ron,     Thank you so much for Harper!!  We knew the minute we met you and saw your home and your dogs that this was the place for us!   And, Harper is the best dog!  Everyone raves about him!  He loves all dogs and people.  He is a pure joy.  He is smart, loving, easily-trained, kind and playful.  We could not ask for a better addition to the family.  We are so grateful to you!  We love our boy so much and we thank you for his breeding and training!!  And, did I mention how truly stunning and handsome he is?!?   Susie & Brian

He is doing so well and has the best temperament with the kids. Thank you for giving our family the best addition we could ever ask for.     Sincerely, The P family

Hi Marian and Ron
Linda and I would like to thank you for Brandon – he is such a wonderful little boy! As you know, we’ve had lots of experience with our previous 9 Goldens, and this guy is unbelievable!
He was potty trained in less than 24 hours, never once did he go in the house. He learned just yesterday to ring the bell on the door when he wants to go out – and that bell had only been there for a hour. I showed him once, and from then on, he started going to the door to ring the bell. Sometimes he wanted to go out just to play, but knows when he rings it, he can go out to do his business as well!
Again, please accept our thanks for letting us get such a great boy!
Gary & Linda X

Thanks…you guys are the best! It is great to see how much you love the dogs and puppies and the great care you take of them!       Elaine F

I did get the new pics & oh my is that guy beautiful! I can’t tell you how excited we are and how appreciative I am for the time and care you have given us during this process. Keeping pictures coming, etc…it really speaks to your love for these animals and I want you to know how much that means to the rest of us. thank you!

Dear Marian and Ron,     It was a pleasure to meet the two of you and your incredible family of Goldens; you have truly worked hard to have a beautiful home for them and yourself. Owen did get a little sick on the way home, but other than that we had no problems. Once we were home he seem to fit right in I kept him limited to the kitchen and sun room so not to overwhelm him on the first night. He played in the garden while we barbecued and after dinner went for a short walk. We all went to be about 11:00 and he did not wake until 7:30. Owen is so lovable and easy going he fits right into the family. This morning we walked and played again in the garden and he is now napping.       Maureen K

We knew from the moment we met him at your kennel that he would be the dog for our family based solely on his personality. What a great temperament he has–no matter where we take him or who’s around–he is well behaved and we haven’t had to work too hard at teaching him how to behave, he is just naturally calm and relaxed. Deana P

Marian,  Thought you’d like to see the many pictures of Emma with her new family. I know I am blessed thanks to you!       Meg K

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to have one of your pups grace our home. Griffin is amazing and a joy to have. He has adjusted completely. No separation anxiety whatsoever, sorry I think he loves us. :). He slept through the night perfectly in our room without a crate or anything. We left his little house open which he went in to sleep. Overall the transition has been seamless and we are in love; even our cat Jazz is happy. You have wonderful animals and we feel lucky to have found you when we so needed a pup. Tricia B

Mowgli recently passed after 14 1/2 years. She was my best friend and won the hearts of everyone she touched. I am married now with a beautiful wife and two incredible children who all miss her very much. Our little boy slept on Mowgli for almost an entire year while his baby sister used his old crib because he didn’t like his big boy bed. Mowgli never lacked for love.     Chris W

Toby is just the greatest puppy in the world! He will be 8 months old in just a few more days and just a couple of weeks ago weighed in at 72 lbs. He eats well, sleeps well and overall is the picture of perfect puppy health.  Olga L

Great spending time with you both yesterday and your beautiful furry family. Tucker was wonderful the whole 3.5 hours it took us to get home-he slept peacefully pretty much all the way home. He is adjusting well to his new home and has been a pleasure-a little fussy last night but Jenn and I took turns sleeping on the floor next to his crate and overall he did well. He has had very few accidents in the house and is really getting into a nice routine with eating and potty training today. He loves his toys and playing with us. Thank you for the gift of such a beautiful little guy. My niece and my brother could not get over how calm he was when they visited today.    Maria C

Hello – We are doing so well with our new addition to our family. Molly is an angel. She is very happy and we couldn’t be more pleased. First of all, she is beautiful. Second, she is so sweet and loving. Did I mention she is also a genius. She has been doing extremely well with the potty training. She caught on to that right away. She loves being outside. We are always playing with her. She knows her name and knows how to come – more so in the house than outside. Everyone just loves her. She is growing every day. I will send you pictures soon when she gets a little bigger. Thanks again. We are truly so happy with her and could not have asked for a better puppy.     Lisa K